Little Spark

I feel like giving up
No energy, no fire left
Just a little spark
Barely noticeable
Barely warming my soul

Don’t want to fight no more
I’m done, nothing more to give
What difference does it make
Not sure if it is still worth it
I just want to sleep

Just leave me alone
And let me be
The power is all yours
You can have it all
Just let me be

The one thing you want so much
Slipping further and further away
Hiding in plain sight
Nothing you can do
But watch from a distance
How your dreams just fade and slip away

Cry another day, another sleepless night
Worrying about tomorrow
Will I be strong enough to last the day
Don’t want to feel powerless anymore
But nothing I can do about it

Weakness consumes me
Overwhelmes me
Just flirting with me
Being a victim feels good sometimes
But then reality kicks in
And punches me hard
So hard it hurts my bones

And still I fight sometimes
An endless fight
And I know I can’t win
Every time I grow weaker
Until my little flame
is only a faint memory
of who I used to be.

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