Ragged Doll

I’m an old ragged doll
Tossed aside in the corner
No need for me anymore
The happy days are gone
We’re done playing
You hugged me to death
Who has a need for broken threads
Gaping holes
Saggy skin
Messy hair
Worn out face
My right shoulder sagging
Holding on by only a single thread
I lost track of the times my heart has been broken
Shattered into little pieces
But still beating fast
And slowing me down
Something snapped
Something changed
Inside of me
My fillings are still intact
Underneath it all
Is still me
It has always been me
I am no longer blinded
The fog has been lifted
My head is clear
My mind is pure
I know my desires
I follow my passion
Is it you?
I am searching in the dark
Having faith in the dark
No longer being scared of it
Because you found me there
Together we are pushing
And pulling
Towards the light
Towards happiness
Lessons were learned
Hearts have been broken
But you fixed me
And filled my holes with love
A golden thread unifies us
We are unbreakable

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