Live a life worth living

Sometimes you need to lose some
To win big
And then the loss is actually
not a loss at all
Because you find yourself
You get to know yourself
You find yourself a little paradise

Sometimes you just have to chase your dreams
And just go for it
Take a sprint and aim for the sky
Before you know it you will be up high
Feeling the winds of freedom

Don’t let anyone else tell you what to do
Make your own experiences
Tell your own tales
Don’t let anyone else get inside your head
Don’t let them take away your dreams

Live your passion
Chase down your dreams
And never, ever give up
Your life is always worth living
Don’t let a second of it go to waste

Be an example for others
Be a leader worth following
And you will be a living inspiration

One thought on “Live a life worth living

  1. Your words give hope and are filled with Love, and indeed we all should. Because everytime we do, that is when we feel alive because that is what we truly desire. Thanks for your kind words, you are truly a good inspiration and a wonderful writer!


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