Monster in my throat

When you want to talk so badly
But the words won’t flow
When you want to say what’s on your mind
But your body won’t let you
That’s what stuttering is

I’m a walking dictionary
I exchange words in superspeed
People finish my sentences
Sometimes I am grateful
Sometimes ashamed and angry

People look away when I talk
They tend to avoid eye contact
It makes them feel uneasy
And it makes me feel uneasy in turn
It makes me feel weak and useless

I often wonder why
Why was it meant to be this way
I have so much to say
And my opinions matter, too
Then why am I burdened by this?

There is no escaping from this prison
It is with me at all times
My lips are the prison bars
My voice is trying to break free
And the more I resist,
the more it tightens its grip

The monster in my throat

One thought on “Monster in my throat

  1. Truly spot on! I used to stutter myself, and couldn’t express that what you just did. I never read emotions so clearly and spot on. Really Amazing!


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