Live your life

You were meant to do great things
Look at how far you’ve come
You can’t stop now
Keep your eyes on the road
And keep going
Don’t look back

That person you’d be looking back on
That is not you
Not anymore
It is only just a shadow
Just a glimpse of you

Keep progressing
Keep creating
Keep on loving
Trust yourself
Love the moment
Love the journey

Every step of the way
You are becoming more and more you
More and more unique
More and more in line
With who you really are
And what you need to be

You need to do this
Humanity needs you
The world needs you
We’re not far now

So stand up tall
And walk your walk proudly
And believe firmly
That you are doing the right thing
Not just for yourself

But for everyone

One thought on “Live your life

  1. Everyone should read and truly believe this, because you are right. We all do make the difference and therefore we have the power to change, what we want to see different. Love yourself and everything else just the same. Thanks!!!


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