Don’t get used to it

I will never get used to that
Soldiers carrying big weapons on the street
Standing armed at every corner in the city
To make us feel “safe” and “untroubled”

It makes them feel tough and important
Little kids look up to them,
they want to be just like you one day
Oh, how they wish they could be like you

I will never get used to that
It’s not “for the good of the people”
This is not about us,
but all about you
You want war, mass panic and hatred

You want us to get used to it
You want children getting used to violence
Blood, hatred, weapons, war
It’s all you see these days
Better get used to it

What do they want to prepare us for?
What should become of our children?
They shouldn’t fight your wars
They shouldn’t grow up in our blood

Where has your empathy gone?
Where has your love gone?
Where has humanity gone?
We need a better world
For ourselves and our children

For their sake and your own,
Don’t get used to war

One thought on “Don’t get used to it

  1. You are Right, NOBODY should get used to it. Most people crave for anxiety and drama, because of too much influence on their authentic self. Except for ” the elite ” almost NOBODY wants war! Most just want to be excited, which is being numbed out through the exposure of too much drama. So please for your own sake and thus from everybody else, be mindful for your own authentic self. PEACE is LOVE


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