We are what we are

We are what we are
Each of us perfect
We all have our qualities
Our talents and skills

Society is what drifts us apart
Making us believe we are different
You are not your profession
You are not defined by money

Your possessions
don’t make you a better person
Your actions
speak louder than words

Don’t compete with others
Just be yourself
Don’t lose yourself
You don’t need your mask

Stop worrying about what others think
Have your own opinion, speak your mind
Feel strong and confident
You are what you are
Just perfect, the way you are

One thought on “We are what we are

  1. Wauw, Really astonishingly well written, absolutely right and spot on! Each of us is perfect, and it is time everyone would lose their mask, show what they really are, really want, truly Love, and live up to it, almost all inner storms and frustrations will be banned and the world would be a very different place.💖=✌


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