Constant Battle

It was a constant battle
I was fighting myself
A fight I could never win
It went on and on

I declared a war on my body
For many, many years
I refused to see it
as my own

I locked up my soul
Put my spirit in chains
I choked my voice
Couldn’t breathe

I lived many years in darkness
Many years, forgotten
I never gave myself a break
Always fighting
Always playing games

Until the point of breaking down
I couldn’t fight anymore
So I let someone fight for me
And I lost all control over me

I needed to let go
I needed to surrender
And I did

And then there you were
You found me
Just when I regained my power
And you gave me a magnifying boost

I see the world in colors again
Our colors, they shine brightly
They make everything better
So very gentle, lovingly

It was a constant battle
But we won, love won
I am done fighting
And so it ends


One thought on “Constant Battle

  1. Love you very very Lotch, unbelievable writing. So very strong and beautiful you have become and always have been. And so it ends but…
    It also just began 😀💖


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