What is goodbye?

What is goodbye?
Just because you say goodbye
Doesn’t mean a part of you dies
I give a part of me to you

And I take you with me
Everywhere I go
Goodbye doesn’t mean

Goodbye means, to me
I am here, and you are there
But we are together
I am loved, and I love you

Love doesn’t know geography
It knows your heart
My heart knows your heart
Our souls are connected

I feel you, always
Even if we are far apart
That apartness is not real
It’s only space and time

But we can never be separated
Not truly, never
Because we are always linked
Always linked, to each other

You are with me everywhere I go
I see your faces in the many flowers
Feel your touch in the sunlight
I think of you when I see the moon
And inwardly I embrace you

This is not goodbye
This is me, discovering life
Enjoying life
A part of me is always with you


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