Miracles of nature

Calming ocean waves
Flowing endlessly
And ever peacefully
The rhythm of the Earth

Mountains, so so high
Powerful giants, yet graceful
They make you feel so tiny
And they’re calling me

Graceful flowers
Delicate like silk
Showing off their beauty
Seducing you with their smell

The beautiful colors of the sky
Always serene and breathtaking
Never dull, always in motion
The night sky full of wonders

And then there’s trees
Proud, tall slender trees
Plump, short, mystical
They always bring me peace

The many beautiful places of this world
All the colors, all the scents, such beauty
The animals, creatures and plants
Living in harmony
Is it a dream, or is it reality?

2 thoughts on “Miracles of nature

  1. It’s reality! Beautiful written, and so I know … you are happy there ! I feel the love you are feeling there and so I feel love inside my hart. It makes my Day! Thank You!


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