The first steps toward good health!

Never before has having a good immune system been as important as it is right now. Being healthy is the key to a great and happy life. It is the foundation. I truly believe this is something that everyone can achieve, no matter what your state of health may be right now.

Good health starts with making the best choices; mentally, physically and spiritually. Wherever you were yesterday, that is your ground zero. Make a vow to yourself that you will do better today than you did yesterday. Eat a little healthier, exercise a little more, start meditating. Even if you do a little, it is progress. And as long as you progress, you will become healthier and healthier. The slower you progress, the better.

If you progress too fast, your body won’t have time to adjust. We are creatures of habit and habits are hard to let go of. Some habits are even dangerous to let go of too quickly, because the toxins you will release by stopping the addiction will go into your bloodstream and that will make you sick. So in this case, slower is always better. You didn’t become unhealthy overnight and you won’t get healthy overnight either. Enjoy every day to the fullest and don’t be impatient with yourself.

This is a blog/vlog series that I plan on updating weekly. Make sure you subscribe to this site on my ‘contact me‘ page if you don’t want to miss any updates!


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