Nutrition – optimal food for a healthy body and mind

When it comes to health, I’m sure that many people will agree with me that nutrition plays a key role. And with health, I don’t just mean physical health but also mental and spiritual health. They are all connected.

Disease can’t exist in an alkaline body. What is an alkaline body? A body that is free of acid, this is our natural state. Everything we eat is either alkaline or acid and some foods are more acid-forming or more alkaline-forming than others. Acid food forms mucus in our body and that is the why we get sick. I highly recommend Arnold Ehret’s book ‘The Mucusless Diet’, I have read it many times and it has been a real eye-opener for me! Pro Spira, a mucusless diet practitioner, also has a detailed list on his website here of mucusless food.

If you come from a diet that is highly mucus-forming, I don’t recommend you jump into a mucusless diet straight away. This could in fact be very dangerous, like I explained in my previous blog post. Depending on the toxicity of your body, you could detox of poisons too quickly and suffer from many symptoms like headaches, dizziness or weakness. Ehret has an extended transition plan at the end of his book for you to safely transition.

I’m not an affiliate or I don’t get money from praising Ehret’s work. I just experience the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of this lifestyle every day and I want to share my good health experiences with the world!

I will go into more detail about this lifestyle in my upcoming blog posts, so make sure to subscribe 🙂


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