Move your body!

One key aspect of having a healthy body is moving it! I don’t like to use the word ‘exercise’, it sounds like work. And though it is ‘working out’, it certainly shouldn’t feel like work! You should pick an activity that you love doing and this could be anything; dancing, walking, running, boxing, whatever matches your personality and lifestyle.

If it is an activity you don’t look forward to or don’t feel absolutely amazing afterwards, you won’t keep it up and you will soon grow tired of it. You could also choose a wider variety of things to do and shake things up whenever you feel like it.

For example, I love running, dancing and hula hooping. I love to run every single day because it does miracles for my mental, spiritual and physical health and it’s the optimal start for my day but sometimes I just need a break. Then I’ll start hula hooping more often or jump on the trampoline in our back yard. I also love to dance! There is always time for that, you can even dance when you clean your house 🙂 Just go crazy for a few minutes with a broom and your favorite beat!

Fun and sweat is the perfect combination when it comes to moving your body. Our bodies love movement; they crave it. Just ten minutes a day can be enough to recharge our mental batteries and relax our minds. Also, my best ideas come straight after a nice long run! It can be a real confidence booster and I feel so much better in my body when I move consistently.


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