Darkness and Light

Darkness. It is heavy, scary, dangerous, a thief. It has stolen everything from me and now I am blind; I can’t see the light. Pitch black, I’m hidden within myself. Nowhere to go, nowhere to run, no way out, I’m trapped inside the darkness. It surrounds me, chokes me, holds me down like the heaviest weight.

Light. Eye-blinding light. It shines upon me, blesses me, heals me, nourishes me. It plays with me, flirts with me, guides me. Light encourages me, inspires me; it loves me. Light is pure, golden, precious.

Darkness. Pitch black darkness. It soothes me, it hides me, it holds me, cradles me. Gently stroking my hair, whispering calming sounds in my ear; it loves me. Darkness is empowering, creative, provoking, challenging.

Learn to love the darkness, embrace it. Darkness is showing our true potential, our growth, our strength. Without pure darkness, we wouldn’t recognize pure light. Without facing our darkness, there can be no true joy, no true growth, no true self.

Darkness loves you, gently and fully. It nudges you to experience everything that needs to be experienced. It’s like a mother bird that gently nudges her offspring off the nest, encouraging them to fly and go on adventures of their own.

Darkness is veiled light. We just never know when it will unveil. We don’t need to know; we can learn to appreciate it and learn the lessons that it teaches us, for there is always a lesson to learn from the dark. There is a certain mystery, a certain beauty in darkness. If we take this time to learn and work on ourselves, we can truly transform and then the light will unveil itself in the most magical way.


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