We all keep on growing

I’ve been reading some old journal entries of mine from two years ago. I hardly recognize this person who keeps on talking about goals she wants to achieve and keeps on complaining about things that she doesn’t have. For the longest time, I was struggling with meeting my goals, accomplishing simple tasks and staying motivated … Continue reading We all keep on growing

Old age does not cause sickness – sickness causes old age

One of the biggest myths I have come across in my life so far is that we get weaker when we grow older. This is not true. Age has nothing to do with that. Our long-term bad habits make us weak and show signs of aging. When I was working as a geriatric nurse at … Continue reading Old age does not cause sickness – sickness causes old age

My lifestyle

Many people have asked me recently what my lifestyle looks like in terms of nutrition and fitness, so here it is! In terms of nutrition, my lifestyle has been a big and long roller-coaster ride! I took the first steps toward a healthier lifestyle when I began running consistently, in 2008. I started eliminating meat, … Continue reading My lifestyle