Old age does not cause sickness – sickness causes old age

One of the biggest myths I have come across in my life so far is that we get weaker when we grow older. This is not true. Age has nothing to do with that. Our long-term bad habits make us weak and show signs of aging. When I was working as a geriatric nurse at … Continue reading Old age does not cause sickness – sickness causes old age



Things couldn’t be even more uncertain right now. Uncertainty isn’t always necessarily a bad thing. It can be a time of reflection and thinking. Life is forcing most of us right now to step back out of our usual daily routines and I know this can be scary. But it also offers us so many … Continue reading Uncertainty

Yin & Yang

Life is never one straight lineWith a vast beginning and a predictable endingLife is about cyclesUps and downsLife is about falling in loveAnd feeling the pain Life is always in motionEverything dies and is reborn at the same timeAfter Winter comes SpringAnd sunshine after rainYou can't see the rainbowIf you don't appreciate the rain There … Continue reading Yin & Yang